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Monday, 8 November 2010

One Day On Earth: A Tourist in Singapore

New short by me! Featuring Irene KW as the tourist girl.

One Day On Earth: A Tourist in Singapore from Marcia Mailoa on Vimeo.

This is for the One Day on Earth 2010 project where the video submitted has to be shot on the date of 10-10-10 or Oct 10, 2010.

The idea for this short is from the fact that although I'm a resident and working in Singapore, I'm still a foreigner here; basically, a tourist. Part-time tourist that is, cos I work on the weekdays so... anyways. And I enjoy going to the tourist traps attractions here like Esplanade and Merlion which are featured in the film.

The film was shot in photomotion style. The initial idea was to have Irene posing like in a typical tourist picture, facing straight to the camera and smiling, for every single shot. But eventually we kinda ditched the monotonous idea and did some fun poses (yet still tourist-y! like peace sign, jump in front of the object, etc) and in the end it came out as a photo-montage of the whole journey. Yes, this film was lacking of planning (I just had the idea for the short just few hours before shooting), but spontaneity rocks and it was fun.

Fun facts:
. it took us 3 hours to shoot the whole thing
. i took about 551 pictures (my forefinger was numb when we're done shooting lol!)

Enjoy :D

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