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Monday, 3 August 2009

Ms Teddy WIP-2

Oh finally blogger gets back to normal.

So my (still in progress) teddy bear starts to shape up today. I spent the whole day working on her in front of the TV (so practically i spent my lovely sunday watching TV). I might name her Si Peyang aka Shi Pei *ngasal*. so anyway, onto the pics!

in the morning, all parts were all knitted up, ready to sew!

Eat breakfast first

work that body! kinda looks like a bowling pin at this stage..

Eyes and nose and mouth added! Messed up the nose, but think it turns out ok. Effed up face, but still cute i think. She's my baby!! *menghibur diri* Pose with a cuter amigurumi (which became my needle cushion)

Finished the arms and one leg is in progress.

So far so good. The more i see her face, the better it looks (LOL). I left with one more leg, joint them up, and done! well not really, i still need to do her clothing. Might make the sweater, but if i'm lazy i'd just do a scarf for her. we'll see~

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