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Thursday, 20 August 2009

IF: Wrapped

Wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea under the moon



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Friday, 14 August 2009

IF: Impatience

Huhaaaaa very late submission LOL as i didn't have much time to do anything after my weekend trip (last night was Lady Gaga night! :D) and i only had today to do something. And i only did a quick sketch because i was busy eating my cheeseburger while ~impatiently~ waiting for Criminal Minds! Was trying to telepathically make the time went faster!


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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

On The Deck

I went to Batam for the weekend, and apparently, we now have new deck at the backyard! Spent the whole sunday morning there, sitting on the "Cleopatra Chair" (lol, i'll post the pic of the chair later), getting some sun because i wasn't feeling well, and did some sketches. Saw a couple of birds.. there were 2 funny birds which walk like chickens, with black feather with white face and a tint of red on their tails.. Apparently they're making a nest somewhere because they took some dried grass.. And 4 small birds with black feather and white chest who did nothing but hang out on the long grass and chirping. The sun was so hot, forcing me to go back inside.

I'm going to watch Lady Gaga tomorrow night!! :D

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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

IF: Modify

Yes! New blog template! Decided to simplify the whole things, remove my portfolio section, going to set up a new site, someday.....

Here's my first submission for IF!


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Monday, 3 August 2009

Ms Teddy WIP-3

Talking to Winning on msn now, hopefully she can find a job asap!

I just finished sewing up my teddy!! woohoo!! all she needs is a clothing to hide all the ugly stitches keep her warm~~~

Anywheezy, onto the pics!!

So this evening i finished sewing and stuffing her other leg

All body parts done! ready to attach them together! woooot


OK. It's not the best looking doll but i'm very happy with the result! This is my second knitting project only and i'm able to finish it! Wheee!!(actually i wanted to put a link to my first knit project which is the invisible skull scarf, but i lost the post?! or i'd never post it in the first place.. hmm maybe next time then..)

BTW this is still a WIP post, it will be final once i'm done with her sweater :D

MOOD: happy
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Ms Teddy WIP-2

Oh finally blogger gets back to normal.

So my (still in progress) teddy bear starts to shape up today. I spent the whole day working on her in front of the TV (so practically i spent my lovely sunday watching TV). I might name her Si Peyang aka Shi Pei *ngasal*. so anyway, onto the pics!

in the morning, all parts were all knitted up, ready to sew!

Eat breakfast first

work that body! kinda looks like a bowling pin at this stage..

Eyes and nose and mouth added! Messed up the nose, but think it turns out ok. Effed up face, but still cute i think. She's my baby!! *menghibur diri* Pose with a cuter amigurumi (which became my needle cushion)

Finished the arms and one leg is in progress.

So far so good. The more i see her face, the better it looks (LOL). I left with one more leg, joint them up, and done! well not really, i still need to do her clothing. Might make the sweater, but if i'm lazy i'd just do a scarf for her. we'll see~

MOOD: lazy
CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: wind blows from my air conditioner


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