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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ms Teddy WIP

I'm back with knitting! I'm in the process of knitting a teddy bear! This is my 2nd knit stuffs so.. finger cross! It's an over-ambitious project i admit, so hopefully i will finish it. Well, kinda losing my patience now, it's the 5th day and i haven't finish the body parts! I'm doing her right leg now.

These are the WIP pics:

The body parts A and B sides. not much going on..

Her paw!

Unraveling the part that i did wrongly :(


Oh my favorite tv show is on now! Gtg!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Harry Potter

So, being a harry potter dork, I *had* to wear something "Potter-y" to ~enhance~ the moment of watching the 6th movie. I decided to make my own harry potter tshirt! yay. After hours and hours of deliberate research and consideration *lol* i decided on something not so obvious, so that it won't be too dorky to wear, you know. I mean, i don't wanna go around the town wearing "Quidditch Team" or "Hogwart" logo on my shirt. i mean, i don't mind, it's just that i prefer not to.

So anyway, to conceal my fangirl-ing (and yet not so) I decided on a place name in Diagon Alley that was frequented by Harry in his 3rd year (when he's staying in Leaky Cauldron), which is.... *drum roll* Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour!!!

And here is the tshirt in all its glory (well not really, it's just seconds after i finished touching up)

Bet noone will realise that i'm refering to a magical parlor. teehee.

This is a last minute design and took me about 3 hours to finish this. And working at night while watching another harry potter movie on tv, i wasn't really concentrating that: 1. I forgot the " 's " after Fortescue and 2. I used american spelling for parlour.
Oh well, all the mistakes are the ones make it more personal~ (excuses, i know)

So that's it. With lack of sleep i went the next day for *THE* movie wearing this tshirt! woohoo!

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


What a long time i've abandoned this blog!

Doodling while chatting with a friend in msn. I just realised i haven't used my wacom since a year ago! *laziness revealed*

MOOD: mcfly fangirl-ing time

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Squeeze Me

This is old, but i just found this flipbook video and i think it's cool!


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