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Friday, 20 March 2009

Semarang Small Sketches

Ok so my semarang trip was already a very long time ago (early feb), but whatever i'll just post them anyway lol. I went back to semarang for my grandparents' golden anniversary, and I got them ~homemade~ gift, which is drawing of them back in the 50s and today. I didn't take pic of it (I forgot! too excited to give them). So anyway here is the closest thing to the final product:

(this is supposed to be them in the 50s. My only reference was a 7x4cm black and white faded picture of them when they were younger. i had to make up the colours, and my mom said it looked nothing like them LOL oh well).

Flowers were everywhere in the house, including roses!

(this random woman was done in plane while it was flying above the water..)

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