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Thursday, 14 August 2008


Teehee.. so as we all know, our hero Taufik Hidayat had lost his first match at the olympics to that malaysian dude on 11 aug (the night i watched batman gahh why he had to have his match when i was watching movie! --just fyi, btw--). Anyway.. Yessi requested to be a badminton player, doing a ~cool, victory move~ (benernya sih ni pose ga ada victory2-annya sih). So.. seandainya doi jadi pemain bulu tangkis..

..Kwaki and Koyot would do the cheering!!

Btw, gw critain si taufik jg apa hubungannya lagi?? -_-"

note: Kwaki and Koyot are Yessi's plush toys. Kwaki is a duck, and Koyot is.. a coyote.

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