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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

butterfly, leaf, and star *~bracelet~*

It's Wednesday afternoon, I just had my lunch, and ugh.. prolly going to go to some department store later when it's not very hot outside to buy some undies hahahahha ok TMI. Anyway, I made this bracelet this morning while watching Ellen on TV. This is my first bracelet actually .. um wait no, it's my second one, so nothing fancy..

excuse my blurry pic......................... o.o

Basically what I did was just putting on some charms on the chain and voila! a bracelet!! It's almost magical.

ETA: um wut! now it's raining???! weird climate.. *gasp* save the earth people!! btw have you watched The Inconvenient Truth? It's quite interesting I think, too much statistic stuffs tho, but it opens your eyes! do watch it!

MOOD: confused


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