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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


So today I went to print out my CNY card to send it to my parents (which will be late but whatever).. just an attempt to get an angpao (hong bao? ang bao? kung pow? omg I'm so funny!!!) so.. on to the card!

The front side has the illustration i did, and the back side is just lame gradation thing with my name on it. I did my own envelope, and it's red!! (because I don't have any other colour)

Oh, so handmade.

Another recipient of this card was YX. I printed out the card at home just before I went to his house (for CNY lunch thing). Supposedly gave 1 too for Codename Emo Boy because he held a CNY party too, but I forgot to print lol whatever.

OK, 1 whole post dedicated to 1 card. I didn't show my previous christmas cards (only put up the illustrations) because I forgot to take the pictures and udah keburu di send gituw.. mwihihihi..

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