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Saturday, 7 July 2007

last night in batam

tomorrow i'm leaving for singapore (ToT i don't wanna go back) but berhubung I wanna see Athena and Jon's cosplay tomorrow, and i have to go for the test for the work interview (which i don't know when yet and whether they still remember me and want me to do the test).. so I really have to go back ToT..

gonna take the (around) 8.40 am ferry from harbour bay to harbourfront (lol @ the names.. just realised that) it's soo earlyyyy gahh @_@

I just realise that my blog now has more text than drawings -_-.. and I planned this to be a sketchblog.. oh well, my lazy self has taken the control hah.

so to pay homage to my trip back to singapore:

(taken from my room)

um.. so yeah.. my camera isn't really the latest camera in the world (it's 4 years old now) so the zooming thing is really totally off, (yeah, blame the camera) so the result of my hardwork of making "monster me" can't really be seen in this pic, but whutevah.. you still can tell.. right? *_*

byee batam!! i'll be back.. soon!!!!

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